Best SnowFlake Projectors

Best SnowFlake Projectors

Snowflake projectors can project patterns of snowflakes all over your house. I’ve installed hundreds of these units and depending on the size of the area you wanted projected on and the color of your homes paint, snowflake projectors are a great choice.

ALOVECO Christmas Snowflake Projector

Wall Decoration Light, white snowflakes moves automatically, bestseller.

Here are my top picks. I’ve installed hundreds these units and tested them before. If you need info on how to install any of these click here.

Sunvito Waterproof White Snowflakes Lamp

First and foremost, the Sunvito Waterproof White Snowflakes Lamp gets its light from a set LED lamps, so its soft light is not damaging to the even if you look directly at it (though you should avoid extended exposure). The projector is super easy to install, and super fun to look at. You can use it as a conversation starter, or party animation. The snowflake motif makes it ideal for winter holidays, though it makes for an excellent gag for the Groundhog Day or Independence Day.

Sunvito Waterproof White Snowflakes Lamp

Wall Decoration Light, white snowflakes moves automatically, make more fun for your party, festival and family party.

The lamp has the IP67 seal of approval, which means it’s able to withstand rainy weather, but not heavy rain. Snow is fine, as long as you don’t mind having both natural and phantom snowflakes at the same time. It’s perfectly able to withstand cold. Being small (92mm in diameter, 180mm tall, 600g heavy), as a lamp should be, this puppy is also perfect for indoors.

It illuminates an area a few square feet shy of 150 (12 x 12), producing an ever changing pattern of snow, making the snowflakes as if come alive thanks to the four play modes available. Experience the joy of snow without all the downsides. Your kids are guaranteed to love it, both as a holiday wall decoration and as a night light, livening up the walls in a kaleidoscope of bright color.

Pepnice Moving Snowflake Spotlight Indoor/outdoor LED Landscape Projector Light

A snowflake projector is exactly what you think – a projector that beams light making snowflake shapes on whatever surface you choose. This is accomplished by putting a filter over the lights, and pointing it at the flat surface of your choice, usually the outside of a wall.

Make your walls come to life with automatically moving snowflakes with the Pepnice Moving Snowflake Spotlight Indoor/outdoor LED Landscape Projector Light. Due to the motif, the projector is particularly suitable for Christmas and New Year, though there’s nothing stopping you using it for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Being also an indoor light, it’s also a good gimmick for your kids’ slumber parties.

Pepnice Moving Snowflake Spotlight Indoor/outdoor LED Landscape Projector Light

Wall Decoration Light, green, white, blue and red snowflakes moving automatically, take more fun for your party, festival and family party.

The snowflakes come in four different colors – white, blue, green and red, making your walls vibrant with moving colors. You’ll get best results from 22 feet of distance. The projector irradiates an area just a few square feet shy of 150 (12 x 12), and makes it festive and Christmas-y, to everyone’s joy.

The projector is housed in a durable high-resistance black plastic casing, bearing the IP65 seal of approval. This means the casing is waterproof and able to endure all manner of weather, even rain, though it’s susceptible to heavy rain and should not stay out during such time. Otherwise, the lamp withstands the cold quite admirably, so it’s perfect for wintery holidays.

You won’t have to deal with climbing the ladder or hassling with a stapling gun to string up your traditional decorations – just position this puppy, plug it in, and wear a grin throughout the festivities.

Comes with a 20-foot power cord and a UL listed power supply transformer

Myhome Christmas Snowflake Projector

The Myhome Christmas Snowflake Projector is a great little light that projects 7-9 moving snowflakes at a time.  With the touch of a button, you can easily create a majestic snowy scene that people of all ages will enjoy.

Whether as a unique decoration for Christmas parties, other winter-themed parties, or as an addition to an outside light show, it does the job very well; onlookers will “ooh” and “ahh” at the beautiful, shining LEDS that move and groove around.

This particular projector is water-resistant but not completely waterproof.  With its IP44 rating, it is able to withstand rain as long as it is not heavy rain.  The manufacturers specify that the recommended usage time per day for this light is 4-6 hours; however, this is chiseled down to 2-4 hours on rainy days.

Also, with it’s small size, it is great for both indoor and outdoor use, but keep in mind that it does not come with a base stand to allow it to be stood on the floor.  It only comes with a stake, thus positioning it indoors can be a little tricky.  It might even be the case that you’ll have to rig something up in order to get the results you’re looking for.  

Myhome Christmas Snowflake Projector

With the touch of a button, you can easily create a majestic snowy scene that people of all ages will enjoy.

Myhome recommends that this snowflake projector is placed 10-15 feet away from whatever surface you opt to shine it on.  This doesn’t mean that you cannot place it closer than ten feet, but the closer it is to any given surface, the smaller the projection size will be.

Inversely, the farther away it is from a surface it is placed, the larger the snowflakes will appear.  In any case, this is a light that everyone will enjoy looking at.  And better yet, if it’s the summertime and you simply can’t wait for December to come, this creates the perfect way to experience Christmas in July.

JulyFire Moving Snowflakes Projector Light

With the JulyFire Moving Snowflakes Projector Light, tis’ the season for more snowflakes!  This snowflake projector emits a multitude of snowflakes with a movement pattern that brings your walls to life.  This is the perfect alternative to traditional hanging string lights that take forever to hang up and are a hassle to deal with.

If you’ve ever hand to deal with string lights that have stopped working due to one faulty bulb, then you know how much of a pain in the rear they can be to fix.  These lights not only light up your house in the Christmas fashion but display snowflakes which are sure to brighten the Christmas spirit in anyone.

Its IP65 rating means it is weather resistant and can be used in moderate rain.  You have to be careful, however, because heavy rain can cause damage to it.  Like most Christmas projector lights of this caliber, the manufacturers have included recommendations on how long they should be run continuously.

These can be run for four hours continuously with a thirty-minute break in between uses during the summer.  In the winter, they can be run for six hours with a thirty-minute break in between uses.  

JulyFire Moving Snowflakes Projector Light

With the JulyFire Moving Snowflakes Projector Light, tis’ the season for more snowflakes! This snowflake projector emits a multitude of snowflakes with a movement pattern that brings your walls to life.

While these types of lights are commonly used outside to accent other Christmas decorations, they work perfectly inside as well.  They add good vibes to festive parties.  You get to experience the wonder of snowflakes without having to endure the freezing cold.  Of course, you won’t be able to make snow cones them, but that’s nothing a snow cone machine can’t fix.

Both kids and adults will enjoy the light show they are capable of implementing with very little effort on your part.  All you are required to do is “set and forget” them.  

Other great features of the JulyFire Moving Snowflakes Projector Light are its extra long power cable and inclusion of tools for assembly.  It’s 20’ cable gives you the ability to place it in a range of places without having to hunt down an extension cord.

Also, all the tools you need to piece this unit together are included in the package, and with super simple instructions, even a child could put it together.

How to Set Up Christmas Snowflake Lights

Christmas lights such as the snowflake projectors mentioned in this article are very simple to set up.  They usually consist of three different parts which require very little adjustment to have them up and running in no time.  With just a few minutes and a little patience, anyone can set them up.

The first thing you’ll have to consider is where you want to position your light.  If you don’t have an extension cord on hand, you’ll want to make sure you place it close enough to a power outlet so that it can receive power.

Ideally, you’ll want the power cable to be flush with the ground in order to reduce the risk of someone accidentally tripping over it.  This could knock over the light and cause damage to it.  

Next, you’ll want to aim your light at the surface or object(s) you want it to shine on.  The angle of the head can usually be adjusted by loosening the bolts on either side of the fixture and tilting the head forward or backward.  With these adjustments, you can create several different types of lighting scenarios.  If used indoors, you can even angle the head to point at the ceiling for some interesting effects.  

Finally, you’ll need to adjust the lighting settings if your particular unit has different options.  Some lights allow you to choose different patterns or colors to be used, and you can play around with the controls until you find the settings you like.

It’s important to remember that these lighting systems are basically landscape lights, to learn how to install them check these:

  1. Lowe’s guide to installation
  2. Volt’s Guide to Choosing Lighting Angle and Distance
  3. This Old House’s Guide to Setup

Some patterns and colors work better than others depending on what event the lamp is being used for, so it’s a good idea to test all the options and see what fits the mood.  There are usually controls on the unit itself that let you access these features, and some lights come packaged with a wireless remote controller that allow you to control the various lighting options from a distance.  

How to Maintain Your Christmas Snowflake Projectors

There is very little maintenance required to keep Christmas light projectors in tip-top shape for years and years.  In fact, many lighting units are designed with high-quality materials that make the maintenance job easier on you.

With some very basic cleaning and storage practices, you can increase the longevity of your lights and ensure they don’t fizzle out on you prematurely.

As stated above, some lighting fixtures are constructed of materials that are made to withstand brutal handling and severe weather conditions.  Of course, there are those housed in plastic casings which will wear down and crack or break over time; however, others are built with aluminum which can take more of a beating.

In addition, some lights are waterproof, allowing you to live free of worry when they are left outside for long periods of time.  Regardless of the materials they are made with, they should be wiped down with soap and water after use and left to air dry.  This is especially true for lights that are staked in the ground outdoors; cleaning off any dirt and dust particles will help the light’s various components continue to move freely.

Also, allowing them to air dry will decrease the chances of rust buildup in the case that you have lights housed in an aluminum chassis.    

It’s also a great idea to store your lights in some kind of container with a lid when they are not in use.  This is a simple extra step which helps them stay in great condition.  Just like any other Christmas decoration, they will last for years and years if they are stored away in the off-season and taken care of properly when used.  Ideally, the place you store them in should be free of any excessive heat and extreme humidity; otherwise, the internal electronics may suffer from poor weather conditions.

An additional tip for aluminum light maintenance is to use WD-40 or some other type of mechanic’s lubricant to keep the various parts moving smoothly.  Over time, metal parts tend to squeak and become difficult to move; adding a little lubricant is an easy fix for this.  In addition, any wax on the outside of the casing will help protect it from nature even further.  

When it comes to the light bulbs themselves, there is always the chance that they will burn out.  This is an important reason to handle them gently, as dropping them could cause damage to the filament.  Some lights give users the option to change out the bulbs if they stop working; however, other units do not allow for this.  The units which do not offer this option tend to be cheaper units which are made to be thrown away when they do not function anymore.

In these cases, it would be more convenient to just buy another unit instead of opening the broken one up to try and replace the bulbs.  With more expensive Christmas lighting units, it’s worth the effort to try and find whether a particular projector’s bulbs are replaceable or not.  It could be that you might save yourself some money by changing out the bulb yourself.