Setup FAQ for Light Projector

Below is an exhaustive list of the most frequently asked questions about setting up your Christmas laser lights display and setup.

Distance and Set-up

How far away from the house do you install your laser light projector?

There is no magical formula; it all depends of your imagination. However, it is advisable to install the light projector at a distance of 25 to 35 feet and you might consider getting a second one if you want a special effect. To learn about it check our laser light reviews. Depending of your particular setting, such as existing street lights, the actual size of the house and the way you want the final set-up to look like, you could try putting one of them further away for a diluted effect. Experiment with the lights until you get the dream lighting you aim for and eventually share your masterpiece.

Is a single laser projector enough for a single story house?

Depending on the actual shape of the house, the elevation of the terrain and the effect you want to achieve, a projector installed 20-25 ft away could be enough. Each projector covers 625 square feet, but it all depends on the way your house or yard looks like. Divide 625 by the height of your house and you will find out how far away you need to place the projector. For example 625/20=31.25 ft away from the walls. If there are any obstacles such as fences or trees it is advisable to get more than one laser christmas projector.

Is the projector suitable for a two story house?

Our projectors are guaranteed to work at top quality for 625 sq ft. The farther it is from the intended surface more is the coverage area, but also the effect will be diluted. For example if you place the Star Shower at a distance of 10 ft the coverage will be 200 sq ft if you place the Star Shower at a distance of 40 ft you get 3200 sq ft, but with a different intensity. The farther away from the projector the object is, the bigger the dots get. You can adjust the light out further from you house to get the coverage you need or consider getting an additional snowflake projector.

We have a two story house and only about 4-5 feet of a front yard. Is this too close to work?

The white laser christmas light projector will work even in this small space, but keep in mind that it will only shine on a small part of the walls. In this case, you could get more units and set them in a line to cover the full range of the house. Another possible solution might be installing the laser unit in a tree or on top of your house and pointing it downward to the yard. If you decide to use such a solution always think safety first and use appropriate solutions to hold the unit in place.

Does the color of the house make a difference? My house is dark brown and just wondering how well this will show up.

Green is the color that our eyes see the best. It should still show up reasonably on a brown house. It will not be the same as on a lighter colored surface, but it should still work as long as there is not too much from the projector christmas light or other sources such as a street light. The red however will probably wash out and not be very visible as the two colors are too close in tint. Just like how a flashlight will reflect less on a dark color versus a light color.

My house is white…will this work?

The laser is powerful enough to work on any color of the surface, with slight variations. The final color and effects are more dependent on the type of surface (matte or shiny) than the color of it. The travel path of Star Shower lights depend on the distance between laser light and intended surface of projection along with the refractive index of surface. It will probably look great on the white house, since white helps highlight colors. You can also use it indoors on white walls. It’s all on our laser xmas light review page.

Will my laser Christmas lights work if I live next to a street light?

The projector works best in a dark environment on a light surface. If you buy the model with the day sensor you can easily trick the light sensor by putting tape on it to avoid accidental switching off. When installed near a street light the effect might be diluted compared to standard operating conditions, but you will still be able to enjoy the holiday magic. In the worst case scenario, when the street light is extremely powerful and you are disappointed with the end result you can use our return policy to get a refund, but we strongly advise you to try out a different way of bringing in Christmas magic this year.

Will it work on my apartment’s balcony?

The light projectors are designed to work on any surface. The requirements are minimal. It doesn’t even require a flat or bright-colored surface. It will work on trees, walls, garage doors and, of course, balconies. We advise you to ask your neighbors (if any) if they would like the light to show on their property too if you live in a shared housing type. If not, refer to the other FAQs regarding positioning and blocking the laser beam if necessary. To learn more read our laser christmas review.

Can this be mounted to the top of a building and directed downwards?

You may mount Star Shower at any place and adjust the angle of laser towards the intended surface. You should be able to do this without any problem. If you have in mind something like a long house or a storefront you could consider buying two units, but take into consideration the total covered area is 625 sq ft. Divide 625 by your intended length to find out how far away you should place it. As a rule of thumb, if you end up with a number under 10, you might consider more christmas light projector units.

Can you hang it on a tree?

When hanging the projector, for safety purposes it is recommended to mount it using a sturdy hanging clamp and safety cable. It is not advisable to just hide it in the branches; you should definitely tie it down to make sure the wind does not knock it down and cause an electric hazard. If you decide to hang it, make sure you isolate any extension power cords. The unit is waterproof, but we don’t provide any guarantees for additional items used in combination with the projector. Always think safety first!

Do they shine on wood?

The lasers are designed to shine on most opaque surfaces, wood included. You can use it to bring the holiday magic to trees, your garden, gazebo, and, of course your house’s walls. The intensity of the lights depends on the reflectivity of the surface, matte ones work best, so the final result depends more on the coating of the wood and the distance you place your laser projector.


Is the power connector for my laser Christmas lights waterproof?

The projector and the connectors are waterproof as we aim to keep our clients safe. The whole scope of getting laser snowflake projectors is to eliminate the dangerous parts of Christmas (and lights) decorating such as climbing slippery ladders or working with electricity in a wet environment. The power connector is safely plugged into the projector and there is no electricity hazard in rain or snow. If you aim to feel extra safe, some clients suggest using additional products such as Press n Seal to waterproof all connections to external power plugs or power extension cords.

Is the housing watertight for when it rains and snows?

The projector is watertight; it can be used in rain or snow. It should be installed 15-30 feet away from the house. And yes it is watertight, but for eliminating all possible hazards, make sure that your outdoor electric circuits are all protected by either a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) circuit breaker or receptacle. All modern houses should have them, but a lot of older houses don’t. If you don’t know what they are or how they work, get an electrician to check. You may have some, but they can be incorrectly installed. Again, make sure they work properly. There is plenty of information available about them. For detailed info check out our complete laser christmas review page.

How can I avoid theft of the projector?

Although the unit can be easily stolen because it just sticks into the ground like a picket, you could either bring in inside the house every night or design a more permanent solution. One client from Wisconsin, where there is also the heavy snow problem wrote to us his idea: For more info check out our reviews of laser christmas lights.

Does it affect security cameras?

These lights are safe to use around home, they will not affect the safety cameras accuracy if the laser light beam is not pointed directly in the camera.


Is there any way to change the color of the projector to make the stars all white?

The color of the christmas light projector is only red and green, in tone with the holiday spirit. As this is a laser unit, there is no way to attach a filter to make the lights all white. The idea behind our product is to create a nice contrast with the snow. However, as we appreciate client input we will put the idea on the list for out next line of products, together with the suggestion to produce an all blue projector with a moving head, as this is also a recurring point of our clients.

I live in a town home. Can I control the width so it won’t shine on my neighbor’s town home?

The coverage area depends on the Star Shower’s distance from the surface. Further away the projector, the larger the coverage and the bigger the stars (and more diluted). We recommend you bring the unit closer to your home, so that the lights become more concentrated to a specific area and also play with the angles until you get the right coverage, without being intrusive towards your neighbors. Another idea is to add a black-out filter to the projector, made from simple cardboard. Just cut out the outline of where you want the stars and it’ll block the rest. Paint it flat black and use tape to attach it to the Christmas lighting projector.

Can you use it if you have led Christmas lights on house?

Yes, the only problem will be that the spots nearest to the lights will look really washed out. The laser lights are bright on their own and for an elegant effect we would advise to use only projector lights on the same surface, or it would look crowded. However, if you have a particular setting in mind you can still use old fashioned Christmas lights in combination with the stars. Also, consider that the projector lights are designed to the highest and most recent safety standards, for outdoor use, while most Christmas LED lights use old, possibly dangerous technology.

How or where do I choose colors?

Star Shower comes in Red and Green, in tone with the holiday spirit. Pressing the switch towards the Green stripe will emit only green laser light. Pressing the switch towards the Green and Red stripe will emit both colors which is different from any snowflake projector. The green color shows up the best, red is much less visible, especially on darker backgrounds. Green is definitely the best for longer views. The projector can also shine blue, but those dots are hard to see unless you put the light closer to the wall or tree.

Technical aspects & Warranties

How long is the cord on my laser projector?

The motion laser light projector comes with a 25-feet (7.62 meters) power cord, to make your job of moving it about and positioning all the easier. If you need additional space you can use additional extension cords. In this case we advise you to isolate the additional extensions from water and snow, as it could become dangerous. It is a good idea to isolate or even to bury the power cord to avoid unintentional injuries of pets of small children. Always think safety first.

Does rain blur the laser light display?

The laser is very powerful, and it is only obstructed by solid obstacles, such as walls, trees or parked cars. Rain and snow are insignificant, moving and temporary obstacles, which are easily surpassed by our product. You will enjoy the full wonderland effect of the projector even in heavy rain or snow on your house, trees or any other surface of your choice. You should not be worried about the effect of weather on the lights or the electrical safety of the projector. We design beautiful, safe items.

Will it blind aircraft pilots? Is this product safe to use in areas near airports?

Our products are safe for home use. All Christmas projectors are supposed to be safe around children and pets, as their range is about 625 sq ft, therefore they shine furthest away about 100 ft. It is highly unlikely they will have any impact on aircraft or helicopter traffic. However, we advise you don’t point them straight up, but let them shine on a surface (house, tree, garden) so you can enjoy the full effect without any aerial concerns.

Does this have a remote?

Depending on the model, some of our projectors (Star Shower) include a remote, while others have a light sensor that turns it on at dusk and turns it off in the morning. The only downside of the sensor models is that if you live near a street light it will turn off automatically due to the excess light, since it will think it is already dawn. You can easily surpass this problem if you blind the sensor with a dark tape, such as isolating tape. For more info check out our laser christmas light reviews.

Is there a timer?

Star Shower includes a light sensor to save electricity so it will only turn on in the dark. For more info about the projector timer check out our review page. This sensor is a photo sensitive spot so it stays on from dusk to dawn. But if you wanted to put it on a timer (remembering that the lights won’t show up during daytime) you could do so and cover the photocell spot with a black piece of tape, for example if you want to use it indoors.

Do the lights move or twinkle?

Our lights are static, they don’t move or twinkle. However, an optical illusion is achieved if the wind moves it at all, it appears that they are. There are other types (mostly for indoor use) that mimic actual stars or planets that do, but, they are not colored Christmas laser lights. For these models just enjoy the way they just light up the house and trees. The reason we chose not to make them move is that they are usually directed towards houses (including windows) and they could become annoying if they were constantly moving. Moving/ twinkling lights are also a hazard for people with epilepsy.

Can it be used indoor?

This laser light products are tested to withstand harsh outdoor conditions (-17 F to 100 F), therefore are more than suitable for indoor use. You will need a fairly large space to do this product justice though. When installing them in a room, please make sure you have enough space to bring out their full potential. Since they are designed to be used in the yard or on a house front, they will perform just as good in the garage and look really cool near a DJ set at a party, all year long.

Does this come with a base for indoor use, or do I have to purchase that separately?

We believe that this outdoor laser light product is very versatile and could be used indoors beyond the holiday season. You can use it at parties, with a DJ set or near a pool. In order to be safe and easy to use it comes with both a base for indoor and a stake for outside. You just have to screw in onto the base, or put in the stake, plug it into the electrical source and enjoy the magic in less than 2 minutes. Plug it in, point it in the direction you want, and choose whether you want green, or green & red laser lights. Easy.

How many watts does each projector use?

We are power and environment conscious; therefore all our products are designed with minimal power consumption in mind which is easy to see via our reviews. . For example, the Star Shower consumes only 0.005 W, which means that you would need about 12.000 units to reach the consumption of an average light bulb (60W).

What is included?

The package includes the laser unit, the power cord and 2 types of stands, a base for indoor use and a stick for your white laser christmas light. You don’t need any additional items, since this is a simple plug and play concept, you just connect it to the power source and enjoy the magic.

Is this solar activated?

Although the unit with light sensor turns on and off depending on the light, they are not solar powered. You still need to plug them in a power unit, but they are extremely economical and environmental friendly and you will save a lot of money compared to traditional holiday lighting solutions. To get a better idea check out our projector reviews. Also, you can adjust a timer, which are easy to find and relatively inexpensive anymore if you only want them to start at a certain time.

How low of temperature is this rated for?

This is a unit designed specifically for outdoor use, therefore it is waterproof and designed to operate -17F to 100F (-28 to +38 degrees Celsius). It is safe to assume that this unit will operate in most yards or homes. If you like in Alaska or Siberia, please contact us for a customized solution. Christmas laser reviews.

How long do the lasers last?

Since this is a seasonal product which only operates during the night-time and the standard use time is more than 8000 hours you can expect to have these in your household for years to come. A simple computation shows that you can hope for 3-4 years of flawless operations and maybe even more. For more check our laser christmas projector reviews.

What is the warranty on this product?

Since we have full confidence in the quality standard of our products, it comes with 60 days warranty and money back guarantee. For refund details please refer to the dedicated section on our laser christmas review guide.

What type of power cable does it use?

The light can just be plugged in any power unit and it turns itself on when it gets dark and off with the morning light. Most clients use a standard 3 prong connecting cord (already attached to the unit) connected to a standard outdoor 3 prong electric cord that plugs into a standard household electric outlet. The chord that is already attached to the unit is also rated for outdoor/indoor use. This is the same for the snowflake projectors.